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Picture of storm trooper 


My Youtube channel. For vape and stormtrooper

Look who i arrested Donald trump lol

Look who got in the news comicon 2018 local news paper

Storm trooper Hire for a out door party

Tower hill boat

Storm trooper at London bridge

Summer festival 2017. At coffee van

Boat at tower hill London

Comicon 2017 as stormstooper

London bridge

Dagfest 2017 out door event

East London train on

Dagfest in Dagenham 2017

Steam and cider Dagenham 2017

Battle of bands Dagenham 2017

Market 2017

Ilford Essex 2017

Win a mini Uw 2017 event

Oxlowlane Dagenham 2017

Storm trooper at02dome 2017

At Crc  2017

Comicon 2017

Funeral for a fan 2017

Comicon 2017

Comicon 2017

For  fan in  Hospital

Fan past on Face book

Asda in the game

With kind regards

East London stormtrooper